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Classes Offered:                                                                            Enroll Now

Usually the last Saturday of the month. Please call to confirm date. Must sign up in advance.
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Upcoming classes: Nov 25. Come in to sign up in advance.

Cost $100.00

(One hour in car evaluation, after getting permit, may be added for $55).

Please Note: Upon successful completion of the course, students are exempt from taking the written
                        test at the DPS office, but must go for picture and to get license after learner's permit.
                                          ****YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR THE CLASS****

ADULT ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATION                                               Enroll Now

Online Adult Driver Education       

Adults who need their driver license fast can now take six hour online Drivers Ed with Courtesy/ Aceable,
the only Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) approved driving course on a mobile  app and the web.
Is it really just six hours? Yep. Texas Adult Drivers Ed by Courtesy is the shortest  course allowed by law
and the easiest course to take on the go. It’s Drivers Ed that fits your schedule.    


Skip the classroom and take our state-legal course through iOS, Android or on the web. Start earning your
Texas driver license at your pace, anytime, anywhere. It couldn’t be simpler to prepare for your road test. 
Let’s learn to drive!

How Online Texas Adult Drivers Ed Works in Two Steps  

1. Take the online adult driving course at Courtesy, required for ages 18-24 and convenient for ages 25 and up. 

(NOTE: anyone who takes the 6 hour course does not need to take the written exam at the DPS office.). After
just six hours, you’re ready to apply for a Texas driver license!

2. Head to the Texas DPS office closest to you to take the driving test and get your Texas drivers license. With
all the knowledge you’ve learned from Courtesy, you’re sure to ace the exam! Beep, beep -- new driver coming through!   

Note: This course is for adults who want to obtain a driver’s license. Courtesy also offers courses to help teen drivers (age 14-17) obtain their learner's permit. 

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T.D.L.R. # C1148
21924 Kingsland Blvd. at Mason Rd. Katy,
Texas 77450


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