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Courtesy Driving School is authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety to conduct the in-car ROAD SKILLS TEST for those that have completed TEEN DRIVER EDUCATION (16 or above) or the ADULT DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE (18-24) or ADULTS 25+ . 

The fee for the road test is $75 for our Courtesy students and $75 for parent taught and other school's students.
The fee for the ADE students or 18+ students is $100,  regardless of where they attended.

No refunds on any Road test once they have been scheduled and paid for.

The student must pre-register in person or online, with their parent present in office or consent if online, for the test (if under 18 years old).

All teen (16 -17) students must view, in advance, the "Impact Texas Teen Drivers" (ITTD) video.

All adults 18+ must view the Impact Texas Driver ITYD video

Regardless of age all students will be given a test (online) that shows that they have viewed this 2 1/2 hr. video on texting and driving (for Teens) or 1 hr. video for adults.

Student must print out certificate of completion and sign. (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

NOTE: No student can take a Road Test if if he or she does not currently hold a Texas Learners Permit.
            (If what you are currently holding is a "receipt" from DPS you must go back to DPS and obtain a
            learners license before the Road Test)   

See the link below for the video. Call 281-392-4646 M-F 10-6 if you have any questions.

Click Here .                                                                                                                                                 
When you arrive for your road test, you must have

  • TEENS: DE-964 form (Must be filled out/signed in black ink)
  • ADULTS: (18-24)  ADE1317 Certificate
  • PARENT TAUGHT:        Bring your DE964 showing you finish the classroom (32hrs.) and driving (14 hrs.).
                                             If you did your 14 hr elsewhere you must bring
     both DE964 from both schools.
  • ALL TEENS:                    Must have a parent present during the road test to sign paperwork.
  • VIDEO CERTIFICATE:   PRINTED ITTD (Teens 2 hrs.) or ITYD (Adults 1 hr.)
  • PERMIT:                         Un-expired (Paper permit if renewed is accepted)
  • VEHICLE:                        Must have a front license plate, no dealer plates, all lights and horn  must work.
  • INSURANCE:                  Proof of insurance for your vehicle. (Paper only – not on cell phone) that you                                                 will be driving, it needs to be currently valid.


  • ENVELOPE:                      Sealed gold envelope that the examiner has issued. DO NOT OPEN
  • V.O.E.:                               Verification of enrollment for the high school (teens only)
  • S.S. CARD:                       Social Security Card (original / no copy)
  • LOG SHEET:                     30 hr. parent Log sheet (teens only)
  • PROOF OF RESIDENCY: 2 bills (within 30 days old) must have name and address of parent that will be
                                               taking student to DPS

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T.D.L.R. # C1148
21924 Kingsland Blvd. at Mason Rd. Katy,
Texas 77450


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